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Digital TV Antenna Channels List

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TV for Free – How to get Free HDTV Channels

TV Tuner For PC

PC’s nowadays organize, store and process your files. It is now becoming an all in one system. You can play videos, music and games on your PC and now, you also have the option to convert your PC into a multimedia center like your TV.

All of these are possible thanks to the development of TV tuner for PC. With this technology, you will be able to watch your favorite shows on your PC and will save you the hassle of installing converters and connecting different cables on your PC. You will just have to plug the PC tuner in your USB port and with a little software configuration, you are now set to watch you’re favorite shows and even have the option to record or save your favorite TV episodes.

Here are some of the top models of tuner available in the market:

1. Pinnacle TV/tuner USB 2.0 PCTV DVB-S Sat Pro 450E

The PCTV Sat Pro 450E card is a USB 2.0 TV tuner that lets you watch, record and Time Shift digital satellite TV (DVB-S) on the PC. You can watch TV full-screen with a mobile, sizeable window on your PC or record your favorite TV shows directly onto your hard drive in MPEG-2 native format or DivX format. You can also use the EPG (Electronic Programming Guide) to programme punctual or recurring recordings and benefit from ultra-fast Teletext with an unlimited number of pages. Remote control is included for even more user-friendliness.

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satellite tv Pixabay Image 98427


·Device Type – DVB-S receiver
·Enclosure Type – External
·Interface Type – Hi-Speed USB
·Localization – French, Italian, Spanish
·Compatibility – PC
·Type – Power adapter
·Form Factor – External


·Digital Video Format – MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX
·Audio Input Support – Standard
·Features – Remote control, time shift function, teletext

Audio Input:

·Type – Power adapter
·Sound Input Mode – Stereo
·Expansion / Connectivity Interfaces – 1 x satellite antenna – input – F connector

Software / System Requirements:

·OS Required – Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005

·Peripheral / Interface Devices – CD-ROM, PCI slot, DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card, DirectX 8.0 compatible graphics card

·System Requirements Details – Pentium 4 – RAM 256 MB – HD 5 GB


No matter where you are, this PC TV Pendrive DVB lets you enjoy high quality digital entertainment on your notebook or desktop PC. Features include instant recording for recording digitally, TV with time shifting and much more.

More than a receiver, this PC TV Pendrive can record your favorite programs into your PC and never miss a moment. With the Multi-Video Input cable you can watch your favorite DVDs, VHS tapes or camcorder movies right on your computer.


·PCTV PenDrive USB 2.0 TV Tuner With Video Input

General Features:

·Silicon Tuner
·Support TV system NTSC/PAL B, G, D, K, I, M, N
·Video and S-Video input
·TV input
·Audio input (RCA L/R)
·USB 2.0 connection
·Remote sensor
·Switches your PC to TV in Full Screen
·Auto scan 125 Cable TV channels
·Auto scan 70 Antenna TV Channels
·Full TV Frequency range for CATV/VHF/UHF
·Localize TV channel Tables
·Channel renames
·Channel fine tune
·Channel resorting

Advance TV Functions:

·Schedule Recording
·Recording TV program
·Screen Capture
·Personal TV Channel List setting
·Friendly channel scan
·Remote controller included

Video Capture Functions:

·Video input source for Composite & S-Video
·Left and Right Audio channel input
·Supports YUV data format
·Screen Capture
·Recording Composite & S-VHS program
·Capture Still and Motion Video Image
·Easily take your captured files / photos anywhere and share with your friends by transferring to VCD / DVD format.

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Regulatory Approvals:


Direct TV and the HD DVR

With the inclusion of free or price-reduced TiVo-powered DVRs (digital video recorders), the benefits of DIRECTV have become so much greater. Particularly compelling is the high definition DVR combo that new DIRECTV subscribers can currently receive at a fair price. Of course the question to be asked is: If I can receive a free DVR with my DIRECTV subscription, why dish out the extra cash for the upgrade? There are quite a few reasons. How compelling they are will depend on you and your family’s television viewing habits, but in short, if you own more than one TV in a household of more than one DIRECTV viewer, this piece of equipment offers several features whose advantages you will seriously want to consider.
The HD DVR is the very first DIRECTV receiver capable of digital video recording and high definition reception, and that is in addition to its ability to function in more than one room. What this means is that it is not only possible to connect two or more televisions to a high definition DIRECTV signal and record the programming received, you also no longer need separate boxes for high definition and DIRECTV. Furthermore, unlike other high definition DIRECTV receivers, this particular unit is also capable of receiving a standard definition signal, eliminating the need to keep that standard definition antenna/receiver around. This is just the beginning.

In terms of features and design, the HD DVR offers various recording and viewing possibilities that are almost too numerous to list. Both televisions connected to this box can be set to manual/auto timers and may also do quick records. Furthermore, while a “live” program is being recorded it is possible to watch another program already recorded from DIRECTV onto the hard drive. There are fifty such automatic/manual timers. This presents one with many options. The DIRECTV receiver can be set to tune to your favorite sitcom on one station, while recording that documentary on another station that you want to watch later. You can be watching one station while recording two different standard definition movies or television shows. Or, one high definition channel can be recorded at the same time as another channel in standard definition.

Since the DIRECTV recording capabilities of this box are so sophisticated, the engineers who put it together were thoughtful enough to include a user friendly Electronic Program Guide (EPG). Using the cursor, all one need do is navigate to the desired program and press the “select” button on the remote control. For those who have used TiVo, this will already be familiar, as will the options to record the program once, weekly, Monday through Friday, etc. This user friendly and streamlined interface is made even better by the fact that the EPG lists nine full days worth of programming, and this list is stored Directly on the HD DVR ’s hard drive. This puts the information literally at your fingertips. The EPG becomes even better by a handy “search” function, which makes locating your favorite programs a breeze.

What’s really great about the HD DVR is that with it you have two high definition receivers in one box. This feature makes it possible to watch DIRECTV in two locations in your home, and to have a different program on either TV. Even better, this receiver comes with two remote controls – one for each television connected to the DIRECTV signal. The remotes themselves are extremely handy creatures, each one capable of working up to one-hundred feet and through walls. In addition to the DIRECTV receiver they are capable of controlling the television, VCR, or DVD player.

Other features of the HD DVR include parental control locks (so two DIRECTV connected TVs need not mean a loss of oversight), as well as a wealth of program information on the EPG, including theme lists, favorites, and one-touch channel return. There is also closed-caption and alternate audio support. For those concerned about inputs and outputs, the has them in plenty, one HDMI, one component video out, one A/V out, and a digital optical out. In addition to the DIRECTV antenna input, there is an antenna RF input for receiving and recording local high definition channels. There is also a twin satellite input on the back panel, the in-jack for the second television, a phone jack, an accessory jack for a VCR signal blaster, and a mysterious though implicitly exciting USB port for an as of yet unspecified future use.

Thanks to the professional installation technician sent to my house by Dish Network, installation of the DIRECTV and HD DVR was a snap. Once up and running, it took little time to get a feel for the EPG and how to navigate it using the arrow keys on the remote. While surfing the EPG, the channel currently being watched converts to a picture-in-picture (PIP) box in the upper right-hand of the screen so that nothing is missed. Accessing recorded shows is also as simple as touching the obviously placed button labeled “DVR”. In no time whatsoever I had programmed the recording of several upcoming programs that a few late nights at work would otherwise have caused me to miss.

In converging the best aspects of two great products into one even greater product, high definition DIRECTV and digital video recording powered by TiVo, the HD DVR creates the dual effect of exponentially increasing your entertainment options while making home entertainment more simple and flexible than ever. This is an excellent DIRECTV receiver for not one, but two televisions; this fact alone makes the model ideal, especially for those of us with families of broad and oftentimes conflicting tastes. However, the designers of this DIRECTV receiver did not stop there when contemplating the unit. In functionality and design, the HD DVR ’s multiplicity of options and its user-friendly interface are without parallel.

Mobile Phone Buying Guide

Cell phones are now on the threshold of triggering several technological revolutions in just one go!

The early cell phone was a simple but heavy and large hand-held telephonic device that came with an antenna that could be pulled out to for a better reception. However, today cell phones are light weight, slim, small, and pretty looking and have built in antennas that offer clear reception and enhanced voice quality.

Because cell phones are so easy to use and portable they have become the choice of most callers, and more so for those who are on the move frequently. Cell phones can be defined as low-power, two-ways radios having a single channel that facilitates communication.

If you are interested in buying a mobile phone, you need to know some of the most important features of the gadget. Letâ€s take a look at how you can buy and save on mobile phones.

While the starting price for mobile phones is as low as under $20.00, there are many others that boast of unique technologies and remarkable and revolutionary designs and cost over $400-$500. With such variation in price, it becomes extremely difficult to find a mobile phone that offers you everything you need (including features you donâ€t need) and more. However, if you donâ€t require some features that are part of the service you have opted for, you can simply request your mobile service provider or MSP to cancel the additional features and make substantial savings.

Here are the three most important things you need to ask yourself before buying a mobile phone:

1. Why do you need a mobile phone?
2. What are the key features that you require?
3. What kind of accessories do you need?

Why do you need a mobile phone?
For many people a mobile phone is a status symbol. Some people even change mobile phones as often as they change their clothes, while a few others prefer to have a mobile handset that is simple to operate and easy to pocket. Depending on the type of user you think you are, you need to sit down and make a list of things you want to do using your mobile phone. Armed with this list you can now surf the internet and pick some handsets that match your list of requirements.

Essentially, there are three types of users and they are:

Only want to make and take calls. For these users cheap mobile phones with basic features are the most suitable. A basic handset will allow you to make and take calls, access your voicemail, send and receive text messages, besides offer you features such as calculator, alarm, ringtones, address book, calendar, games etc. These phones will help you contain your bill but may limit the choice of mobile phones. You also may not be able to access internet on your mobile phone. Some such models are: Sony Ericsson W850i, Motorola KRZR K1, and Nokia 3110.

Exploiting technologies to their benefit, these users are the second type and usually prefer mid-range cell phones. Now, more than ever before there are many technologies that can be found in mobile handsets. These help a savvy user communicate in more ways than just mere speech. Also, features such as digital cameras are now standard for most mobile phones and allow people the convenience that greatly outweighs the low image quality belted out by these mobile cams. Further on, a color screen makes the experience of playing games more exciting and interesting. Mobile phones belonging to this range include other important features such as WAP, Video shooting, Multimedia Messaging or MMS, Radios, MP3 Players, and voice recording etc. Some mobile phones belonging to this category include: Sony Ericsson W880i, Nokia 6300, and Sony Ericsson K810i.

Portable Office users always prefer mobile phones that are top-of-the-range and feature-packed. If you are an executive on the go who need to be connect to his/her office while away from it, these hi-end mobile phones are made with you in mind. Also known as Smartphone these mobile phones allow you to do so many things that it can be a bit overwhelming initially. From taking images and sending them to your friends instantly, you can even print your images from your mobile phone! Take video phone calls, access TV channels, watch the news on the go, and enjoy a host of other facilities at the tips of your fingers. Moreover, you can connect your Smartphone with your PDA or laptop or desktop and access data, or co-ordinate activities whenever required.

Finally, don’t let the look of the mobile phone fool you; always consider all factors before you buy a mobile phone!

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Digital TV Antenna Channels List