The Inventor Of The Digital Camera

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Steve Sasson, Digital Camera Inventor

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Capturing an image of a special moment or of our loved ones has been made very now with the technology available. An image can speak a thousand words, they are memories which can be saved and viewedlater in time.In today’s world we can’t imagine life without a camera, it can be your digitals cameras or your phone cameras but it’s all available instantly.Let’s go back in time and look at the history of this great invention. The word photography is derived from the Greek word photos which means light and graphien which means to draw.The first camera was the pinhole camera also called Camera Obscura. In 1827, Joseph NicephoreNiepce made the first photographic image with the pin-hole camera.Around the same time Frenchman, Louis Daguerre was also conducting experiments to find ways to capture an image.In 1829, Daguerreand Joseph NicephoreNiepceformed a partnership to improve the process Niepce had developed. And in 1939, after numerous experiments they developed a more convenient and effective method of photography called the daguerreotype.

In 1888 George Eastman invented the Kodak camera which was a simple wooden box equipped with a lens and shutter and was factory filled with film. This camera could take up to 100 shots. Once the film was used he camera was sent back to the Kodak factory for processing the film and reloading the camera with a fresh film.In 1905 Oskar Barnackbuilt the prototype 35 mm cameras and it became the preferred choice of format film for high end compact cameras.November 1948 saw the invention of the first Polaroid cameras by Edwin Hrbert Land. Land was an American inventor and physicist who made the process for developing and printing the photos instantly.The Japanese company Fuji introduced to the world the first disposable camera in 1986. This was a simple box camera sold with a film installed in it and equipped with a flash.In 1975 an engineer at Eastman Kodak, Steven Sasson invented and built the first electronic camera. The digital camera technology is directly related to the same technology that recorded television images. Digital camera was mainly used for military and scientific purposes and later for medical applications.

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By the 1990’s they became common among the consumers. Japan sold its first digital camera, DS-X by Fuji, to consumers in 1989. Meanwhile the Dycom Model1 was available to the American consumers in 1990.Digital cameras made taking photographs easy and quick. They could display images on screen immediately after being recorded.By the mid-2000s digital cameras had replaced film cameras the even cell phonescame with inbuilt digital camera. As technology advanced so did the sales of digital cameras increased.There are different types of digital cameras. Below are a few mentioned such as the:Compact Camera: These are compact, portable and easy to use. Most have a built-in flash of low power which is sufficient for nearby subjects.Bridge Camera: These are high end digital cameras with a fixed lens and small sensor.Digital single-lens reflex camera: Allow the use of different lenses Digital rangefinders: This is a user operated optical mechanism to measure subjects at a distance.Waterproof: These are used for underwater photography.

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