Pros & cons of kids using digital technology

As studies show, kids these days are spending more time in front of a screen than ever before. Smartphones, iPads and computers have obvious benefits. Spending too much time on electronic devices can have a downside on young, developing minds. CCTV’s Asieh Namdar reports on the pros and cons of raising kids in a digital world.
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  1. As the future might be advancing in technology and technological equipments to get work and projects done and as technology might be a requisite in schools, I hope technology can come up with a computer screen which will lower the electro waves which hurt the eyes. Glass monitors emit less waves than non Glass monitors and spending hours and hours in front of the computer screen can cause severe eye damage and vision damage if not fixed properly. So as children begin spending more hours in front of the 'screen' I hope technology will come up with a non wave emitting screen so that people can retain their eyesight into their older years.

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