Digital @ Scale: The Playbook You Need to Transform Your Company

Digital @ Scale: The Playbook Required for Remodeling Your Business

A guide for reinventing the heart of your industry

The value in the subsequent phase of the digital age is going to those corporations that don’t simply implement the digital approach but also scale it. Digital@Scale reviews what is needed for firms to apprehend the gravitational strength of their established companies and understand the whole meaning of digital. Delving into greater than 50 complete case studies and years of McKinsey expertise and data, the contributors, together with a group of seasoned specialists, explain how corporations can go beyond incremental innovation to rebuild the market toward where the highest profit is generated—at its best. The authors present realistic insights into the 3 shafts of digital changes that successfully scale: reinventing the business type, scaling out a business structure from the consumer back into the organization, and installing an ‘amoeba’ IT and organizational framework that studies and grows. This is the perfect guide for all leaders who acknowledge the potential and guarantee of a digital mutation.

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