Best First Camera for Photography 2017

“What should I get for my first camera?” is such a common question. It also has so many different answers like, “This brand new camera,” “Whatever suits you,” and “Just pick one and don’t look back, they’re all the same.” Which may be true, but does not really help someone new to photography.

My goal here is to not only specifically answer this question, but to save people as much money as possible while still offering the modern features they want.

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UPDATE (August 2017): I still stand by this recommendation even over a year later. Canon hasn’t shown much growth and the mirrorless companies are still too expensive with not as many lens options in my opinion, leaving Nikon as a clear winner. Then this D5200 can be had for very cheap with semi modern performance which means little to no risk. If I had to recommend a more professional alternative I would go with the D7100 which can be had for around 0 used.
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  1. Handmadeswine9 JEFF BOB says:

    why are his teeth so yellow…

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  3. Hi there great videos I'm curious I know nothing about cameras or lenses we are looking for a budget friendly set up to do some wildlife/bird photography what would you recommend rhanks

  4. D3400 or D5300 or 200D ?

  5. Which lens was used on D5500 in thumbnail?

  6. what does DSLR mean

  7. make video for point n shoot cameras

  8. Broken Mind Forever Lost says:

    The truth is i want a manual for dummies … I am in research for a good cheap camera for years and in summer 2018 i will finally have the time to focus on my channel but I am one of those who some of the world calls perfectionist … I want the perfect camera for me , an explanation for the camera , a good and free program for editing because yeah I am not one of these types of people who will start on youtube with a phone camera … I want every single vid to be perfect !!! but all this research made me depressed , the only thing i realized is I am poor

  9. Nikon the best camera

  10. I prefer any widescreen camera – like the Nicon Coolpix, etc…

  11. Hi sir,
    Is there any problem to fix canon's lense (50mm f1.8) in this camera ?

  12. This was so very helpful thanks!

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  14. Niekon it’s fucking NI NI NI NI NI NI NI KON N I K O N NIKON

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