Parker Fly Deluxe Electric Guitar Demo

Pat O’Connor from World Music Supply demos the Parker Fly Deluxe electric guitar with stereo output.

Amps used: Bugera 6262H w/ 412 Bugera Cab and Fender Acoustisonic 30W Acoustic Amp.
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  1. Pat shreds!!!

  2. Parker Guitars…all I think of is Todd Whitener with his Dreadlocks from "Tantric"…Ohh and this guy is a fucking Toolbag…

  3. Jesus Christ

  4. quel bordel

  5. Der Knuspriger Kartoffel says:

    Maybe it's just me, but the Parker Fly seems to have 90s written all over it.

  6. Adika Bintang Sulaeman says:

    This man makes this expensive guitar look bad. Check out "Dewa Budjana", I was blown by him. Dewa uses Parker guitars properly.

  7. groundchuckyfried .groundchuckyfried says:

    How much do they pay for guitar demos? Just sayin

  8. I play better than this dude!

  9. why isnt he using a pick?


  11. So you get a bluesy sound from the bridge pickup, a bluesy sound from the neck pickup and a bluesy sound from both pickups together?

  12. Where do they find their demoers? xD

  13. I hate to say it but I haven't heard playing this bad since I used to teach teenage "shredders" proper technique. I don't think the guy's playing is horrible, I just think the technique of HOW he plays is horribly lacking. Like the sound of everything sounds very "flat" like there's no life in the guitar at all. Such a shame, still a beautiful guitar though. 

  14. Sprezzle tuners…

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