Memory Cards – Versatile Storage Media For Digital Devices

Memory Cards – Versatile Storage Media For Digital Devices

Memory cards are now being fitted into almost every digital device. The memory or flash memory cards as they are called serve as the storage media for digital cameras, camcorders, mobile phones, television, printers etc. Photos, music, movies and games are all being saved onto the tiny memory cards. There is a whole range of memory cards available on the market today, such as PSP memory card, SD memory card, compact flash memory card, smart media memory card, digital camera memory card etc.

What Are Memory Cards?

The memory cards or rather flash memory cards are chips allowing users to write and rewrite data over and over. They come in small sizes and have the ability to retain data without a power supply. This makes them a convenient and useful device that can be fitted into a range of portable consumer electronic devices.

Different Types Of Memory Cards

The new PCs feature built in slots for a whole range of memory cards. The PSP memory card or memory stick, the digital camera memory card, the SD memory card – all can be suitably inserted in different slots on the PC.

The SD memory card is fast becoming the most popular. A great variety of devices use the SD memory card. This non-volatile flash memory format is used in portable devices such as digital cameras, handheld computers etc.

The PSP memory card is used with the PSP console and is the proprietary format as developed by Sony. Thus it is found primarily in devices developed by the Sony brand. The PSP memory card and the play station portable device by Sony are currently very popular.

The smart media memory cards though popular till few years ago is now becoming less sought after owing to its large physical size. This flash memory card is made by Toshiba. Initially named Solid State Floppy Disk Card or SSFDC, this was the successor to the floppy disk. However, this lacks a built in controller.

Using Memory Card Reader

An external memory card reader and writer can prove to be of immense help to your home desktop and to the laptop. This is the best accompaniment for digital media. Using the memory card reader and hooking the digital media and computer together does away with the hassle of moving photos, music, etc. between multiple media platforms. So, with the memory card reader at hand the digital camera USB cable can be put away while copying pictures through a card.

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