1. This video is not helpful at all.

  2. @PetoKsong Yeah, you're probably right, but I still think this machine records pretty damn well. Check out my video response. My dad and I record sessions every weekend with 8 tracks at once and I think it sounds fairly accurate to our actual performance.

  3. @wedgetv31 but Korg D32XD is better

  4. @stripes5150 Your right its a bit cheaper but ya I'll stick with my Roland vs-2480 as well not even close to quality

  5. Please check my video response #5
    the tiny screen problem is fixed, trumping the roland at a mere $250 bucks.
    or search Korg d3200 virtual tracking and you will see the big screen. 🙂

  6. Plays back 32 tracks in 16 bit and 16 at 24 bit.

    Type in cCestnut mare Steve Low to hear a recording we have done at 24 bit

  7. 12 tracks at once is not enough for me.

  8. how much does it cost?

  9. how do i go about connect it to my computer ? i have connect it via USB, but nothing happens .. do i have to download a driver or something ?

  10. Akai DPS12 is a great machine :0)

  11. how manny tracks can it record?

  12. Hi mate

    How you doing with the korg. I have a question. When I apply effects to a chanel they seem to apply to all chanels instead of the one. Have you done any tutorials on using effects and Mastering using the D3200?

    Many Thanks


  13. yea, please check out my vids, the 3200 is the best bang for the buck by far and No, I dont work for korg, I just love my machine. 🙂

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