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The Global Supply chain Growing popularity, attempts to Synthesize research within this field have seldom been conducted . Aiming to fulfill part of this gap , this paper presents a systematic review of the literature on global supply chain using a content analysis approach. The Research is restricted to paper published in academic journals within the last 10 years.
Accounting professionals who are concerned about his family’s food quality may consider adopting societal cost standards where applicable. Societal accounting cost standards account for many overhead expenses or hidden costs such as excess physical inventory disposal costs. There are three known environmental accounting benefits in Health.
First, the enterprise will identify excess cost on the balance sheet by adopting environmental accounting principles. This visibility to hidden cash could help improve the balance sheet.
Second, with a little extra work the accountant could become the strongest carbon pollution advocate over time. China’s large urban pollution areas such as Shanghai, Ghourhang and Beijing air and food quality would benefit.
Third, the enterprise sales function would benefit because more products will be sold and not destroyed in the future.
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Bellwether Institute seeks to expand the Supply Chain Management Body of Knowledge by engaging Millennial in the 770 Million Citizen Sustainable Living Idea Challenge. The challenge creates synthesis by connecting supply chain demand, operations and greenhouse gas emission reduction for the Global Consumer Products Group.
The Bellwether Consumer research team predicts Millennial, ages 18-35 years old, will validate existing Addictive Manufacturing, Consumer Engagement, Digital Supply Chain, Predictive Analytics and other research themes.
Accounting professionals throughout the international business community has many well established standards. The environmental accounting vocation is still emerging but a growing segment of environmental accounting professions now divide their work into two disciplines; income accounting and financial accounting.

We are seeking practical ideas and low-cost solutions that can improve air, water and soil quality. The Sustainable Living Ideas and Solutions must apply to Consumer Product Group Companies and their global supply chain partners.
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Bellwether was formed in the early 2000′s with the mission to improve quality management systems across the logistics and transportation industry in the United States.

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