1. AmericanIsraeliJew says:

    I've found the source of the signal going into the pedals makes a big difference too.  🙂  Thanks for the demo!

  2. pedals

  3. Компрессор на клин не ложи!

  4. if you dont talk between bypassing the pedal and engaging it we can remember the sound better and make a better comparission, now, if your voice gets inbetween, it gets lost. just a piece of advice.

  5. because BLUES RULES !

  6. play blues ffs man

  7. ROFL!!!!

  8. Dimitris Spanoudakis says:

    i agree with you!

  9. important is the location of the pedals?

  10. Question.When i play a open D power cord (open D and 2nd fret G string) i notice the G string rings louder.Would this pedal or any compressor help to even the sound?

  11. I agree, man. It seems like that's what everyone does with any pedal is that they have it as an enhancement to blues playing.

  12. Hey man, just hold one note for each setting and the review is done.

  13. agreed

  14. Sorry what? A Compressor is equally a blues pedal as a metal pedal. It sounds saweet.

  15. can u post a link?

  16. this pedal sucks…… the best compressor is the keeley compressor!!!

  17. Im upset at this guy…… Why couldnt he play the 'Four seasons' from Antonio Vivaldi while demoing this Pedal? Damn him….. now I will never know what to do.

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