1. DD600 is total shit

  2. Hi,I own a Roland Cube. Would this pedal work well with that amp lead channel channel?

  3. me puse a disfrutar de lo que tocabas y me olvide del pedal jjaja.
    que canciones son? suenan mas que bien ?

  4. hello can i use it for bass

  5. could you get angels and airwaves tone with this ?

  6. great pedal of course for the price !!

  7. The12stringbassist says:

    Very useful. Just bought one. Thanks.

  8. why i loss volume when i put it through the fx loop?

  9. thats a nice amp. i love bugera amps

  10. I use a 333XL combo 🙂

  11. I have used a bugera v5 and a bo 300 pedal for over and year and no problems at all . love them great stuff. my brother owns a bugera v22 and its awesome. bugera amps are very well built, robust, change the tubs and theyr great

  12. Thought I'd give cheap a try and bought the Behringer DD600, it completely raped my guitar signal. It's a tone sucker, be warned.

  13. Yeah, at least the line 6 xt pod that i have, the delays effects are not pretty awesome, but this is little pedal will my next purchase

  14. Does it make kinda loop effect? so u can play an initial reef and then play over it? cause it seems so

  15. If your looking for a Good delay and Cheap, this Pedal is it, Amazing Sounds for the Price, I have the Line6 dl4 and have owned the TC electronics nd1 delay, and the Behringer sounds just as Good!! : )

  16. what is the longest delay time u can get out of it?

  17. it's snobs like you that make them bad…

  18. Why is this so cheap? I mean i was thinking about getting an RV3 why is that like 130 while this is like 20?

  19. the color is different LOL

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