Synology DSM 6.0 – Video Station Overview: Offsite streaming, Apple TV, and More

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – Synology’s Video Station is getting better and better. We take a look at how it works now in DSM 6 including the Apple TV client! See more Synology videos: and subscribe:

01:04 – Installing Video Station on your Synology NAS
03:28 – Web client overview
04:40 – Setting up folders and defining user access
06:45 – Audio format overview
07:00 – Streaming Blu Ray MKV with transcoding
08:10 – Chromecast streaming
09:06 – iOS / Android / Windows 10 Mobile app
09:25 – Accessing Synology NAS over the Internet
12:17 – Windows 10 app
12:44 – Apple TV app
13:42 – Conclusion and final thoughts

Synology’s Video Station continues to improve. One of the reasons to consider using Video Station over Plex is that it has the ability to transcode video in real time on the NAS device itself. I’ve found Plex typically isn’t able to get playable performance out of NAS devices. The number of simultaneous streams will depend on which Synology NAS being used.

This new version improves the overall interface and offers new options like downloading videos for offline playback and offline transcoding so more users can watch videos automatically encoded for their particular devices.

It supports even higher end formats like h.265 video on certain devices. I also found it to work well with Blu Ray MKV rips. However it’s important to note that it doesn’t currently work with files encoded with DTS or Dolby TrueHD.

See the transcoding capabilities of each NAS here:

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  1. Can you help setting up webdav server? Thanks

  2. It looks fantastic when it's set up. It can be an absolute arse to get set up though, speaking from experience. The learning curve with these synology devices is incredibly steep, and hence, it's tough to set up.

  3. HomeHow to: Install HDHomeRun DVR on a Synology NAS

  4. How do I set up a chain of short videos to play in a row?

  5. can I use this software for a different nas (ie a seagate Nas drive) and play/access it through my smart tv with the extra info and image data?

  6. What is your internet speed ? it must be fibre ? when I see your streaming movie by the NAS through the cellular connection, it's quite smooth, I'm going to get the Synology also with the Fiber internet connection down 200mb/s up 100mb/s, do you think that i could get the same transfer speed as yours ? Thanks in advanced

  7. Great job!

  8. Editorial input = advertisement.
    At least he's honest about it, and does it pretty well.

  9. Lukáš Zapletal says:

    Lon, can you close lid of the laptop when streaming from your browser to Chromecast? Meaning is it direct connection from NAS to Chromecast? Thanks!

  10. awesome presentation, great videos !

  11. Great thorough video as always…thx Lon! No DTS support really does suck.

    Does Video Station support the industry standard nfo file metadata format and poster/fanart jpg naming conventions used by Plex, Emby/MediaBrowser and Kodi/XBMC?

  12. Marien van der Stel says:

    Hello, I have a question about the apple tv DS video app. Does it work with siri's integrated search? If you'd use siri, for example, to search for a movie witch is available on my nas and also on netflix, will it show up on the search results? Can you use siri to navigate inside the DS video app?

  13. I find the Video Station frustrating. It does not support many video codecs. I would imagine that you know what I mean. Perhaps, Lon, you could transmit this failing to Synology. It means about one third of my movies will not play. And it isn't the audio setting.

  14. plex for life

    i am not getting paid by plex 🙂

  15. Patrick Donskov Ertel says:

    Another great video! Thanks 🙂

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