1. Lamont Underwood says:

    Great video thanks for sharing

  2. This is what exactly I was looking for!! Now my kids and wife are very happy!!! Thank you sir!!A+++!

  3. Joel and Parul Stephen says:

    Way to go!!

  4. DOES NOT WORK ??????????????????????????????

  5. Why do you even need to do this? Can Apple TV not fetch the movies from the NAS or wherever they're stored locally?

  6. Thanks for this, incredibly helpful video. Hats off to you.

  7. I did this with my mobile device it works well it added my music I wanted

  8. K when you go to your pc did you download VLC on it and that’s what you put address in? The 192.168

  9. how do i loop the video

  10. holy moly this is amazing

  11. Do movies bought on Apple TV go to iTunes? Or vice versa? Or should I buy movies on iTunes before downloading them to Apple TV? I should buy movies on iTunes on a computer.

  12. Do you have to keep your laptop/computer on to do this Or can you turn your computer off and still be playing movies from your library ?

  13. MindscapeProductions says:

    Awesome. Thanks!

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