Free Summer Vector Icons

Vector Icons, which is graphics created from shapes, lines, and even color, are quickly becoming a popular addition to PowerPoint presentations. The integration of vector icons and shapes into the presentation software, exactly like traditional icons, has greatly effected a new industry in visual communication. In addition to being very attractive to viewers, these graphical elements can be easily modified by the presenter.

Because these icons are designed using simple and easily customizable curves, it is easy for a presenter to add a variety of different shapes to the image that will make it unique. For example, if a presenter is creating an outline or border for an image or graphic, he or she can use a shape to create this effect. This allows the presenter to add a special look or texture to an image, or even change the image to the exact shape from which the outline or border is created. This is accomplished through the use of the clip art tool of PowerPoint, and it can be added to any PowerPoint presentation.

When it comes to creating outlines or borders, the presenter can also manipulate the color or texture of the outline or border, much like he or she can manipulate the actual image on the slide. This creates a visual effect, similar to how computer monitors can be adjusted to show bright or darker areas of the screen. This also gives the presenter the ability to add visual effects and transitions when it comes to a particular slide or image. If the presenter wishes to draw in an outline or border on the slide, the outline can be drawn in using a shape tool, and then the border pattern can be altered by using a curve tool.

These graphics are also used in many other forms of visual communication. For instance, some are used for the background of an image, and they can be used to create different backgrounds for slides. For example, if a presenter wants to include a border with the image on the left side of the slide, he or she can do so using a curve tool, but on the right side he or she would use a straight line. This creates a visual effect that gives the viewer a clear view of both sides of the image at once. Other graphics are used for the border of a slide.

Another application of vector icons is in the creation of logos. By applying a circle, square, or oval to the icon or logo, the presenter can create a subtle, soft glow on the icon that creates a visual effect similar to a liquid crystal. Using different colored icons in a logo can give the audience the appearance of an abstract, dimensional shape, such as a swirl or an animal.

Some icons are used to create the look and feel of text. These icons can be applied to the text of the slide to create the text of the graphic or icon itself.

The size of the graphic can be altered by simply adjusting the size of the graphic or icon itself. Some of the icons used for this purpose include circles, rectangles, squares, and stars. The appearance and texture of the graphic can be easily changed with the use of different colors and shapes.

The ability to manipulate the appearance and texture of the graphic is not the only thing that these graphics can be used for. Because most icons are created with black and white values, it is very easy to modify the color of the icons or graphic, allowing the presenter to make changes on the fly to the graphic or icon as well as the slide. This is particularly true if the presenter would like to create a different color for the graphic from one that is already present in the presentation.

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