The Joker-Batman Handmade Wall Clock

Joker-Batman Handmade Wall Clock Best Gift Idea And Unique Décor For Home Or Office

Joker-Batman Clock is a handmade wall clock. It is the best gift idea and a unique décor for your home or office.

  • Unique styling for DC comics enthusiasts – the Joker – Batman clock;
  • Handcrafted décor for your house or the perfect gift for family and buddies – it will clearly suit any modern interior design; will impress the true admirers of Joker – Batman;
  • Installation is easy. The rear of the clock is a keyhole that is very helpful during the installation. It will easily fit the nail or screw you choose to use ;
  • A combination of soundless, non-tickling mode, reliable acrylic glass basis, and the image of the Joker – Batman on the self-adhesive ribbon – ORACAL- for the authentic aficionadi of Batman ;
  • This on-style Joker – Batman wall timepiece can be sent as a genuinely special present to anyone to show your appreciation

We offer you a unique handcrafted Joker – Batman wall timekeeper that will become an ideal accessory for your house or an impressive gift for your family members and buddies. You have a chance not only to purchase an select 11″ x 15″ wall clock imagined and developed by our designers, but you can also become a designer yourself – contact us and send your own picture and/or digits style and we will put it on your clock making it one of a kind. This clock will never disturb you as in its working mode, it is as quiet as a fish. Don’t miss your opportunity to get the best wall clock ever. So hurry up and buy the Joker – Batman wall clock immediately.

List Price: $ 24.99



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