1. Ta-da! Now you can make your very own made-for-tv movie!

  2. I watch this video in 360p and I still can say that film has more micro contrast than digital RED.

  3. Stupid comparsion. It’s normal if you shoot in raw that the footage of the red appear contrast less.

  4. So the conclusion is: Film looks better, but digital is cheaper, right?

  5. All the people who say digital is better looking, haven't shot on film..

  6. I love film, but I think there is no need to make any excuses for shooting digitally in this day and age. Digital technology has arrived and is about as good as it can get in its present form. The war is over and peace should reign! Digital is not better than film or vice versa. They are both useful tools in photography, which can have their place in every photographer’s arsenal.

  7. Thats why big films like star wars, dark knight are shot on film

  8. Schrodinger's Cat says:

    its a bit strange how unrivaled celluloid is. there is no doubt that digital will enhance overtime to some height but personally I'm not a fan of it at the moment. The new wave of digital and the acting among millennials somehow doesn't leave me with a timeless impression. it just feels like a 3 course meal of light appetizers.

  9. film is way ahead of digital, and always will be.

    it's just real.

  10. The Restoration of Dr Who says:

    During the comparison scenes I crossed my eyes and it looked 3D 😀

  11. I don't get it – the colours, the contrast and grain that everyone talks about can be matched with a little tweaking, but the biggest difference as i see is that digital still looks much sharper and more real than film. Film has that magic thing going on like the object that been filmed is like really separated from everything and it's not just the depth of field – it's…i don't know – like it's sharp but in the same time light and colours are spilling around a little bit and it's just looking much more interesting and cool.

  12. It's all really dependent on the experience of the directors. There are great movies filmed in each format.

  13. Riccardo Pascucci says:

    Result: film win again

  14. Film wins.

  15. Mishta Romaniello says:

    Both formats are great, but film is unbeatable.

  16. great job on showing the difference, film won that one. i mean there is a reason why digital cameras are aiming to reach that level. film just captures the essence of the real world. beautiful.

    but what's the name of the song you used?

  17. The conversion is not done right…

  18. Man… I don't know what it is, but there is just something about the film that is better. Maybe its familiarity since everything I have watched growing up was on film. All i know is that I still like way the film looks better.

  19. I think its pretty clear: the filmmakers deliberately made the pre-convert digital footage look like shit. Because there is no way in hell any professional filmmaker, digital or otherwise, would permit such a washed-out, poorly-captured image be presented.

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