1. The Hollywood Phantom says:

    A world of cinematic art.
    Digital films are like a designer laptops table,
    while celluloid film, gives a look, as if a deep hand polished lacquered writing desk,
    in an enriched world, of the enchantments and mystery.

  2. Nice and interesting topic, but a more in depth view on advantages in post production, distribution and in the end, more possibilities in producing less commercially films should have been integrated in your essay. The huge amount of costs for producing a (celluloid) film are so high, that only a few producers and only the most commercially interesting movies will be funded. For example, to shoot a scene on a film spool, the director has just 4 minutes and than has to change fillm. You don’t want to know what that push of a button for 4 minutes costs..And than only a day later the director can see the result of this recording (not always what he expected and wanted). So what about giving new talent a good chance and the possibilities to get a good film out. This is where digital has proven to be generating new means and inspiration for talented people. I think that the complete movie industry (including cinemas) thank their ‘revival’ to the digital age.
    Toby my compliments for this focused essay, but it would be appropriate to include the documentary “Side by Side” in the end credits, as this documentary is a major contributor of the used material (interviews e.g.). The documentary “ Side by Side” is by the way a great follow up on this topic!

  3. Toby, you're just a film fanboy, not a DOP who knows what he's talking about. I've worked both with film and digital and what you're saying is utter bullshit, not argued with technical specificities. So stop making "essays" that say absolutely nothing except "I don't know why, but in my opinion, film is better".

  4. part 2 please aaaaaand SUBSCRIBED

  5. Daily reminder that Steve Yedlin has definitely proven that even professional cinematographers cannot tell the difference between film and digital.

  6. hey pls tell me the difference between videos and films.

  7. film is better because it's clean and realism, what I mean is the buildings look real on film and sound is natural and the film is smooth detail real waves and all waves. the sound goes further than digital and it can't get to sign wave. film is not going away and film makes you grab you with audio/video film. look at Dead Poets Society 89 David Letterman show with Robin Williams interview with David Letterman show
    it's on youtube.com because they tried to see the film and they ask people and a person said it moved me.

  8. Grains > Pixels

  9. My problem with the prequels was how it was all CGI in a time when CGI couldn't get close to feeling real. We're only now finally at the point when CGI sets and objects can feel real, but we still have a ways to go for people and creatures.

    I've never understood why people think film will always be more realistic than digital. It's a fact that Digital hasn't caught up to film in quality yet , but that will be changing soon with higher resolution cameras, better image processing, and HDR technology. Already I can watch 4K HDR content on a compatible OLED TV and feel more immersed in the image than with anything except IMAX.

  10. Christopher Menz says:

    I think film will be replaced by digital in one to two decades

  11. is digital photography another for "digital film" used with a digital camera?
    what is digital film? in general?

  12. Silford Braganza says:

    Comfortable Numb in the background make this documentary makes it out of the world

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