1. Loved it! Thank you.

  2. I Love Film

  3. saturninhabitant says:

    Were you shooting at the Texas Capitol in Austin?

  4. Christopher Lopez says:

    this is all about exposure. before you can judge each format make both exposures Identical. You can make the video have a similar exposure. the difference between formats is the fstop range of the exposure. Video has a smaller range and is less flexible. This is why the highlights are all blown out. You need and ND filter on the video footage to make a proper exposure. In fact you can make each format look identical if you give the same internal gate weave of film to the video and add grain or give the same shitty exposure to the film and make it a smaller resolution and remove the noise. the differences are for people who dont know anything about how a camera exposes light or how film works and expect everything to be automatic.. Sure film looks great but inexperienced film shooter can make shitty exposures and waste a ton of film. Likewise an inexperience video shooter wont use filters and make crappy over exposed footage just as craptacular….

  5. Film all the way

  6. …..And in between comes the Polaroid. Ha ha nice video. Well both have their own character. So bad that all shops processing film are being replaced by digital photo print. Very difficult to find a studio that makes prints from film.

  7. VHS isn't true film, not a fair comparison… try to get 16mm FILM, it will blow away any digital camera…. VHS is a consumer format, and not fair comparison!!

  8. i like film,35mm,thats awesome

  9. What bullshit is this!

  10. hahaha very nice

  11. Rayanne Florence says:

    Usually I prefer film over digital but sometimes it’s necessary for a film to be filmed in digital such as la la land because that movie is all about sharp bright colors, but that doesn’t mean that film should die out just because digital is easier and cheaper

  12. I even don't understand why we have this debate in 2017, I repeat : —> "2017". Both can pratically have the same quality, as long you got big film like 70mm or even best with 70mm Imax, or big resolution like 4-6-8K for digital (with 35mm beaing somewhat equivalent of 2k, that why now old films need upscaling from masters to be on blu ray discs) So at the end it just in your heads: ho look one is more pristine and clear, the other is more alive and vibrant!!, LOL and another big LOLZ. that like the eternal debate of vinyl and CD, don't get me wrong I like vinyl myseft (and nothing match blu-ray pure audio (maybe a deep engraved 180-200gr in the first play is near) anyway let recentre the debate: this is taste based on personal preferences that it.

    Now the main issue is what is following: for me 24FPS is long outated, some says the 6-fps feel like a video game especialy when digital (I'm even not sure is 60fps on film exist) in 24fps when the camera rotate you got these lag effect who completly break the immersion and hurt eyes, I always hated that even in the 90s. This combined with the fact that a projection it perfect only in the first projection, after that it rapidly become full of hairs and every kind of dirts that will pop out every where on the screens. Again don't get me wrong I would like to watch old movie on film, but I would be ready to pay like 5-8 bucks for, not 15-18^^. normally if the ticket price wuold had properly evolved with the 2% per year average life cost augmentation, the ticket price of today would be around 10$. Because the cinema been forced to get new digital,(some even started with 2k, short after already replacing them for 4k, then 4k 3d etc, so most cinema replaced 2to 3 time thier equipment during the last 15 years while in the 40 years before that they used the same 35mm projector, (later coupled with DTS cd, which was a minor adjustment).
    So this is why the pricing is now completely crazy, even foir 3d digital 60fps etc. One thing is sure I will NEVER pay 15-18$ to return on cascaded 24FPS film full of dirts. I'm not a specialist, maybe there is a bonus of something to record on film, maybe for post prod whatever, but there is definitively NONE to project on film. and I'm not against it but they should adapt the pricing when they does.

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