7 New Technology Gadgets You Must Have!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amhtkloe06k?rel=0&w=425&h=355]

7 New Technology Gadgets You Must Have in 2017!
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EVO : The Ultimate Companion for your smartphone: http://kck.st/1KyPTwl
Shock the Drought with EvaDrop Smart Shower: http://bit.ly/1SC8QRS
EmoFix: The Selfie Lover’s Best Friend: http://bit.ly/1mlEKDO
AMPL:The World’s Smartest Backpack: http://bit.ly/1PfoJcP
BlueCarbon: Bluetooth cellphone calls recorder: http://bit.ly/1PIr15G
B.One Home Automation Hub: http://bit.ly/1mlFN6D
The Defender: Smart Personal Protection: http://bit.ly/1TMs9Hc

Please watch: “Future Technology 2050, Robotics BionicANTs”
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  1. Wow, they were some shit inventions.
    I don't want any of them.

  2. BiGChinGS LoCoHoDiaN says:


  3. PAdd mara pUi pui

  4. Zoltán Kecskeméti says:

    Yeah, I must spend my money on useless things, as the title says…

  5. How to buy

  6. The guy just tole the blue thing

  7. Does Evadrop know when you masturbate?

  8. Welcome to my channel..

  9. Is the ampl bag waterproof?

  10. "With your help defender will be ready to ship out by the end of 2014 " wow that is really new?

  11. well…well.well…
    I…mmm. Nop thanks…

  12. Yea this is boring af

  13. Sensacional!!!

  14. 20 commercials

  15. Matthew Culleton says:

    I thought BOne was a hover board

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