5 Technologies That Will Change Classroom Education

The potential for new technology in the classroom is really cool – and also kind of creepy. Here are five technologies that could dramatically change the way we learn.

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  1. michael tubillas says:

    amazing.. somehow technology has a huge impact in our society especially nowadays students tend to use it in a wrong way.

  2. lalchand Gusaiwal says:

    Very nice

  3. lalchand Gusaiwal says:


  4. G Dharmaraj Dora says:

    Nice please see my video about quadratic equation concepts..

  5. Maitrayan Ghosh Roy says:

    Cloud computing is the best

  6. Starting early enough and having the $$$$ needed, it's a possibility….hopefully, culture can keep up. S. Berman

  7. Priyani Weeratunga says:

    Thanks for ur teaching

  8. Muhammad Shabbir Hassan says:

    Asslaamu Alaikum

    Remove music and girls,adds, not allowed in islam. no salvation without islam

    Read Quran, ALLAH is talking with you, your creator

  9. Muhammad Shabbir Hassan says:

    Asslaamu Alaikum

    Remove girls,adds, not allowed in islam. no salvation without islam

    Read Quran, ALLAH is talking with you, your creator

  10. Hi fellow teachers. I am looking to have three teachers answer these questions. Any takers?

    Teacher Interview Questions:

    How much of a priority is it for you to teach your students how to use the technology that you integrate into your class lessons?

    What are your main sources for discovering the latest in educational technologies?

    What have you found to be the best ways to assess the effectiveness of an integrated educational technology?

    On a scale of 1-10, how effective do you believe your school is in the area of teaching digital literacy? What steps would you suggest for your school that may increase your school a few points on the scale?

    How do the teachers and administrators who take the lead in the use of technology in the classrooms share their experiences, ideas, and knowledge with other teachers?

    What has been the most effective piece of technology that you currently use to create authentic learning experiences for your students?

    How have recent education technologies been integrated into your assessments?

    How has edu. technologies made a difference in the differentiation of your instruction, content, and assessments for various learners?

    How have you noticed students using available technology to support their learning process?

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  12. this is amazing, I believe the old educational pattern should be erased

  13. I don't see the benefit with holograms, everything you can do with holograms you can do with VR or AR

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