1. Blah, blah, blah. More demo of Blondie's voice than the G Natural's voice. I've got an overload of the word "Preset."

  2. Melodicca Records says:

    Please, talk less and play more. I would like to listen the G Natural.

  3. Can someone please guide me to a link as to where I can buy this product?
    I'm finding it quite hard to price this item.
    This demo is shite and unnecessarily awkward to price. Two thumbs down !!!

  4. Ye SHAME ON YOU T.C.El,,, I went all the way from the netherlands to scotland to buy one of these and i cant find a tutorial anywhere,,,this isnt a tutorial this is just a sales gimmick…Looks like was just about money YOU NEVER TOOK THE TIME OR THE MONEY to invest in a little tutorial for your customers…A 15 minute close up video even 10 minutes would have been GREAT!!!!!!! You can see from peoples comments that a video tutorial about the tc natural is a desired item!!! I rest my case…..

  5. Less talk…..
    More play!

  6. Glenn Michael Thompson says:

    She said "So that's how you can use presets and create your own factory presets yourself." Aren't factory presets dialed in at the factory? lmao …I know she probably meant to say "user presets". But this is such a terrible demo/review, she just completely bombs when she says it.

  7. This is not a very flattering demo – She sounds like a sales person trying to bamboozle with tech info and get you out of the door with it under your arm…

    Oh and the feet..Yuch! cover them up .

  8. this video did not say me something

  9. Clifton Torrence says:

    Silly demo. Every thing she did sounded exactly the same except for one patch with chorus. Really??? Never even demoed the presets to show what  we  could expect .

  10. terrible demo..come on TC you charge top dollar for your products..invest some

  11. This demo sucks. TCE make very good effectproc. mabey the best you can buy. Pay Tommy Emnmanuel to sell this multieffect wich is undoubtly one of the best products in the market. I 'm very sure Laura is a very nice girl so it is nothing personal but i'm  also very sure even myself can do better than this. Everyone can play a few chords but play something in diiferent styles to show what this machine can do. Mabey TCE can wacht the Roland video's. They are very very inspiring because of the very very good guitarist show the stuff. The only thing I think after watching this video is: that's all??????????????? It's a pitty TCE can't afford a much much better artist to demonstrate this effect.

  12. everybody's giggin!!!!!!!!!! except me.

  13. So is this intended to be plugged directly into a pa or should you go into a di box first? In other words, would it replace my lr baggs para di?

  14. John Philippidis says:

    Talented????????? no offense to her, she makes that device sound bad! you think they would hire a real acoustic artist who can play with touch and not hammer the strings!

  15. Thanks for the demo. But It would have been great if there were demo effects with fingerstyle guitar playing and not just strumming.

  16. Panos Konstantinou says:

    Very weak review

  17. For such an expensive item, I want to hear the range of sounds this processor produces.

    Would you please kindly demonstrate this for us, thank you!

  18. 3:47 = 3:27 of talking and 20 seconds of playing? I thought she would never shut up! Waste of time.

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