Powerpayless Deal Of The Week: 18V AC adapter replace PSM36W-201 for Bose SoundDock digital music system

Bose has many different version of sounddocks, and they use many different power adapter. Some use 20Vdc power adapters, like 306386-101 , 95PS-030-CD-1. Powerpayless.com has the equivalent power adapter.

Some others use +/-18V power supplies. Like PSM36W-201 adapter. The PSM36W-201 +/-18V power adapters also has three different plug connectors. Powerpayless.com has two of them. One has 4 round prong plug connector, and another use 4 prong square connector.
The PSM36W-201 293247-001 use square 4 pins connector.

Powerpayless.com has 30 days money back warranty and will meet or exceed the original PSM36W-201 293247-001 specifications because they are manufactured for high performance in our factories using the best quality cells and most up to date safety and engineering control standards:
High/low temperature shut off protection.
Thermal runaway protection.
Overcharge shut off protection.
Over discharge shut off protection.
Cell imbalance shut off protection.
Fire resistant plastic casing.

Powerpayless.com is a leading resource of quality power supply equipment for LCD monitors, televisions, digital cameras, laptops, cell phones and electronic equipment. We specialize in OEM AC/DC power adapters, and customized power connectors in any voltage or amperage. To begin viewing our large selection of in-stock power adapters, click on the menu above. Need a large quantity? Email sales@powerpayless.comfor a special quote.

PowerPayless is a leading resource of quality power supply for LCD monitors, televisions, digital cameras, laptops, cell phones, electronic equipment, etc. Our sourcing includes custom items, off the shelf items and hard to find items. We maintain a large in house selection of adapters in our warehouse; therefore we can ship out most orders within 24 hours. Our first priority is to our customers, to provide them top quality parts while maintaining customer satisfaction.

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