Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management

By two accomplished authors, this latest text offers a quick, simplified, and concise approach to global logistics and supply chain management from a global perspective. The Global Logistics Effect Model (GLIM), developed by Drs. Frank R. Gill and Stephen S. Gill, describe the dynamics of supply chains and how they can affect economies and social development.

In the book, you’ll learn about logistics in three dimensions: supply-chain visibility, logistics information management, and supply chain operation. You will learn how to identify and manage the effects of logistics on society and learn how to transform a business model from one of logistics information management to one of logistics information management. In addition, you will also learn how logistics, supply chains, and the supply chain information management process affect a business’s marketing strategy.

Today, logistics is a worldwide phenomenon. From small business to large corporations, and from local to international businesses, logistics play an important part in the production, distribution, and marketing of products.

However, logistics is not an easy business to get into. It requires a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of supply and marketing, the ability to communicate effectively, and a strong desire to do the best for your business. The authors of Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management make it clear that there is much more to logistics than meets the eye.

For example, logistics and supply chains are interdependent. In other words, if a business chooses to use one method of logistics, but then does not use the same method for other products, it may find that its profits suffer as well. In this case, the business would have been better off using a variety of methods.

This book is designed to help you understand the global supply chain management process from the perspective of a global perspective. While you may still have some knowledge of supply-chain concepts, or you may be just learning about them for the first time, you will gain a deeper understanding of what global supply chain management involves, and an appreciation of how it affects the world around us.

Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management are not only aimed at business people who work in supply-chain departments. If you are interested in logistics and want to become a logistics consultant or manager, you will also find valuable information in this book.

Whether you are a student, a consultant, or a manager, you will find this book useful. It will provide you with new knowledge that will help you make strategic decisions for your own business and the business you run for others.

Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management cover many aspects of logistics. You will learn how to measure customer satisfaction, how to build customer relationships, and why and how your business should be managed.

As you read through the text, you will see how global logistics can apply to the way your business operates, and the way customers view it. By taking a global perspective, you can see the big picture of what you are doing to your business, as well as the big picture of what you can do to change it so it works for the long-term.

The book also provides detailed information about global logistics in the United States. This includes an overview of logistics in the United States and global supply-chain issues in other countries.

Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management is an excellent text for people who are planning to start a company or already have one. The text is easily read, but it is also very easy to understand. It takes you step by step through the logistics process and lays out for you the information you need to implement the strategies in your business to make the most of your resources.

As you read through the text, you will find that the book provides a solid foundation in global logistics. As you begin your career in logistics, you will also gain a better understanding of the importance of logistics and supply chain management. so you can ensure your business is running at the top level possible.

Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management, now in its second edition, is essential reading for students studying SCM and logistics. Encompassing both practical and strategic perspectives, it also takes a truly global perspective, recognizing the transnational nature of logistics activities in today’s world. The four authors bring a wealth of experience and knowledge from their careers which to date have spanned Europe, the US, Asia, and Australia. In addition, the book benefits from chapter and case contributions from 27 authors (both from industry and from academia) located across the globe.

Key features of this new and extended second edition include:

  • 19 up-to-date chapters on all aspects of logistics and SCM, including coverage of emerging and important topics such as service supply chains, security, sustainability, and supply chain vulnerability. 
  • An easy and clear introduction to key quantitative techniques that can be applied to logistics such as simulation and modeling.
  • Thirteen international case studies, on diverse topics such as commodity logistics and extraterrestrial supply chain networks, to illustrate key concepts and extend learning.


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