Digital Supply Chain (ATL Music Startup Academy 2013)

Neurotic Media, in association with The Music Business Association, produced Atlanta’s Music Startup Academy on October 4, 2013. The session “The Digital Supply Chain: How To Source Music Digitally” was moderated by Bill Wilson of NARM/Music Biz Assc. Panelists included Alison Booth, Sony Nashville; Todd Jones, Neurotic Media; and Christopher Read, Sony DADC.

Offering licensed music in a store, an app, or a subscription utility involves a lot more than just negotiating and signing a license contract. On the heels of such an achievement, a new business needs to consider the operational aspects of content ingestion and maintenance. There are multiple options available, from doing it all yourself to outsourcing it to a vendor. We will address the basic concepts and action points involved and how they affect your bottom line.

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