Damu – Bright Side Remix – LIVE on the MPC in BKLYN – Supply For Demand Coming Soon!

Supply For Demand – Available worldwide November 23rd, 2010 on VINYL, CD & Digital.

Music: Bright Side Remix (instrumental version) by Damu The Fudgemunk
Video filmed by Jesse Puma
Edited by JNOTA

Redefinition Records, 2010
Video Rating: / 5


  1. Odd i See vid feel in the beginnings ps something EL from SV would rap to , love it , OneLove

  2. boots up mpc and frantically bangs the 16 pads after hearing this shit

  3. Real Hip Hop!

  4. More than impressed, Hat off 2 ya

  5. Jack bruce

  6. What's the name of the vinyl at first?? Sickest sample

  7. Wonka beat 7

  8. Fucking Cool !

  9. Евгений Молчанов says:

    awesome set!

  10. whats the name of that track at the first?

  11. ME/MPC 2000XL Tipping Are Hats!! 1! Mark8.

  12. yo damu is amazing. anyone know the name of the first beat that plays?? id pay to have that shit

  13. @lative Along*

  14. @VitaminT805 Or sing alone junk which was a later LP

  15. hmm, i also have an mpc 2000 but it must be busted or something cause I cant make beats like this.

  16. @willdebeastly damn beat me to it!

  17. @lative Gap Mangione – Diana in the Autumn Wind

  18. Don't Sell Yourself To "Fall In Love" Sample, Pat Yourself On The Back If You Noticed It Before The Bucktown Sample.

  19. REAL SHIT!

  20. @YoungDub222 thanks a lot Dub!

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