How to Connect iPad iPhone iPod to TV using Composite Audio Video 3 RCA Cable

MX Apple Composite AV Cable (iDock to 3RCA) supports composite Audio + video for ipad, iphone, ipod, as well as it also comes with USB for power & to charge your iPhone, iPod or the new iPad, so even if you don’t have HDMI out in your TV you can still connect your iPhone, iPod or the new iPad to your old TV set to enjoy your videos.

Connect an iPod, iPhone or iPad to your television with the Apple Composite AV Cable, gather up your friends and watch videos or slideshows together on the big screen. You can also connect the Composite AV Cable to your stereo or powered speakers for a room-filling audio experience. The Composite AV Cable connects to your device or Universal Dock via the 30-pin dock connector and to your TV, home cinema receiver or stereo receiver via the composite video and red/white analog audio ports. The cable also features a USB connector that you can plug in to a power source.

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What is a RCA connector and what is it used for?

The RCA is the professional solution for common Phono or RCA connectors. RCAs are used for HiFi-applications like stereos, TV-sets, video recorders, beamers etc. The spring loaded ground contact of the RCA prevents pop noises when connecting under load. RCA is sold in pairs which are marked red / black.

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  1. What if i want to have gameplay on my tv?
    Like use it as the big screen for a game, how?

  2. plus any on amazon that work for ipad 2, youtube google chrome and ios 9?

  3. does this work for ipad 2 and what ios does it support?

  4. Gregorio Infante says:

    No funciona en mi iPhone 4s solo audio

  5. i dont know why butnonly my sound is working but not the video
    can you help me ?

  6. I'm the 50th commenter

  7. Hi… Shall I connect my IPAD 2 with RCA cable to  Mixer Xenyx 802 Behringer.?.  My idea is make music with Garage Band

  8. Got one for my 4s but keeps saying this accessory is not supported by this iphone

  9. Hey bro i have question. Why it's not working on ios 8? Do you have some solution for that? This thing is so useful for me before but when i update my ipad it doesn't work anymore. Help pls.. Thanks!

  10. Can I use this cable to record audio into iPhone 4?

  11. Does your device have to be jail broken?

  12. I need help!! I can hear the video just can't see if.. What am I doing wrong

  13. Joey -4x12- Carvalho says:

    Hi, where can I get this cable? I have an old sound system in the basement and would like to connect my ipod to its RCA connectors. regards, 4×12

  14. I hava Ipad 2 if I play a video online from safari will it work on my tv or not?

  15. Renée-Natell Rubio-Richards says:

    This doesn't work of my iPhone 4, or my iPad mini (with adapter pin)

  16. I'm thinking of buying this but would you be able to see exactly what's on the iPod (touch 4th gen.) screen or will it only show videos?

  17. It only displays what's on my iDevice if a video is playing? I wanted it to display whatever I was doing, or is that not possible?

  18. It depends from Design to design. The Aluminium ones turn out to be more expensive and good looking but the performance is the same.

  19. There is a big diffrent between the Asin and Europe AV TV Cables, because yours in Plastic and ours complete in Aluminium !

  20. Plug in all the RCA cables…..then check and let us know what happens!!

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